Nicolò Abbattista graduated from MAS Professional Arts Academy and held a degree in Communication and Psychology. He founded Lost Movement company in 2011. Over the years, he deepened his research on contemporary languages. In 2017 he was selected for the Master “Choreographic Dance” organised by Fondazione Aterballetto. In 2015, together with Christian Consalvo, he founded “ArteMente” Professional Training Center of Dance. Since 2019 he has been one of the founders of “Milano Dancing City” dance promotion project.


Freelance author, dramaturg and videomaker, he graduated from a well-known Professional Academy of Dance in Milan and over the years deepened his studies in contemporary dance, theater, video editing, communication and show management. Since 2012 he has been dancing for the Lost Movement Company becoming co-author, director and dramaturg in 2015. He is the founder and artistic director of the contemporary dance and events section of “FLIC – Festival Lanciano In Contemporanea” and, together with Nicolò Abbattista, of ArteMente Professional dance Training Center. Since 2019 he is one of the founders of the “Milano Dancing City” dance promotion project. 

Production and Distribution

Chiara Borghini graduated in Humanities and Communication, from the Università degli Studi di Firenze and attended a course in journalism. In 2020 she held the master’s degree in Cinema and Performative Arts at Università degli Studi di Torino. She is Assistant Director of ArteMente Professional Dance Training Center in Milan. Since 2019 she is one of the founders of the “Milano Dancing City” dance promotion project.

Creative Manager

After the Scientific High School, he acquired different skills by attending courses in: organization of events and visual arts (scenography and costume design). He specialized in web design and video making, skills that led him to work for different agencies in Milan. Since 2018 he has been Assistant Director at ArteMente Professional Dance Training Center in Milan. Since 2019 he is one of the founders of the “Milano Dancing City” dance promotion project.


Musician and composer, he is currently a student of the course music for image at the Claudio Abbado Civic School of Music in Milan.
Passionate about live electronics and audiovisual performances, he collaborates with the multimedia artistic association AGON (2018).
In 2019 he composed several soundtracks for short films and feature films including “Piove Deserto” directed by Daniele Maggioni.

Press Officer

Out of passion, study and personal attitude, she has been involved in communication and media relations for over 10 years in her two sectors of choice, culture and fashion, making her background in the production of events an important plus in her career. Among her collaborations there are theatres, artists, companies, foundations, public and private bodies for which she deals with the communication of festivals, shows, presentations, fashion shows, charity events.

Light Designer

His favorite quote is “First, I make things clear” and how could it be otherwise given his passion for lights!
Light designer of theatrical and live shows, Ilario is always looking for innovative techniques to enrich the performances with suggestive light effects, with games of shadows and colors, with details that make the difference.


Amateur photographer since she was very young, Antonella approached photography studies firstly as a self-taught, then attending different courses: based course, advanced course and a 6-month advanced master led by the photographer Roberto Colacioppo, Regional President of FIOF Abruzzo. For several years she has been a member of the “Social Photography Street 6212” Association, thanks to which she has participated in numerous exhibitions with her shots.

FX Makeup Artist

Antonio began as an amateur makeup artist, until he became a student of Roberto Mestroni. After his first studies, he graduated with honours in cinema, theatrical special effects makeup at Accademia del Teatro alla Scala, in Milan. Since then, he has been working as a make-up artist, special effect artist and hairdresser throughout Italy for various productions, ranging from drama to opera, from dance to musicals. He also works for important Italian production companies.