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Christian Consalvo

Christian Consalvo, 1990, began his dance studies firstly with Jazz dance classes, then with the Graham technique, in his hometown. After his classical education, he graduated from an important Dance Academy in Milan. After that, he attended a dance specialization course at “Artichoke” and approached theater studies at “Il Faro Teatrale”.

Since 2013 he worked as a dancer for different projects and for Lost Movement Company in Milan.

His collaboration with the company has matured over the years, in parallel with Christian’s professional growth, and since 2016, on the occasion of “A Domani” creation, supported by Oriente Occidente Festival,  he has worked as dramaturg for each new production of the group.

In 2014 he founded “FLIC – Festival Lanciano In Contemporanea” and is Artistic Director of the contemporary dance section.

During the years, he dedicated himself to teaching modern and contemporary dance both in private and public schools.

In 2014 he was awarded, as creative and videomaker, with the “Premio del Pubblico della Rete” for “La Danza in 1 Minuto” contest, IV edition, promoted by COORPI (Coordinamento Danza Piemonte), for his work “IONI”, for Lost Movement.

In 2015 he wrote and realised the “When You Play” clip video for “Joël” music band.

In 2015 Christian founded, together with Nicolò Abbattista, “ArteMente” Professional Dance Training Center, in Milan, where he is Co-Artistic Director and teacher of Dance Theater, Videodanza and Dance Theater History.

In 2017 he contributed to “Contemporary Zoom” heading for the famouse web site Dancehallnews.it

In 2019 he has been one of the founders of “Milano Dancing City”, a project to bring ordinary people closer to dance and theater.