a lot of FAUNES among the finalists of La danza in 1 minuto award

a lot of FAUNES has been condensed into video, and generated the videodance work of the same name, signed by the author Christian Consalvo.

La danza in 1 minuto is the famous videodance contest promoted by COORPI and aimed at authors willing to accept the challenge of creating innovative, courageous videodance works with a strong cinematic impact. An opportunity to express, through a 60″ video, what meanings dance can take on in the broadest sense of the term.

The video of the Lost Movement Company, with the dancers Enrico Luly and Gioele Cosentino, was selected among the 14 finalist works, awaiting the final award ceremony.

Creation concept:
In constant search. The need for the other. Avidity for contact, perfumes and flavors. Free from the inhibitory brake of modesty and social conventions, what could happen? Are we all animals? Rhythms and rituals that strike, intertwine and distort. Hands. Nijinski’s unnatural grace. The predatory instinct belongs to the human beings’ DNA. How much can we accommodate within ourselves? Hunger.