School in Movement (scontornato)

Contemporary Dance Technique and Choreographic Workshop

Lost Movement Company, in collaboration with ArteMente, Professional Dance Training Center, directed by Nicolò Abbattista and Christian Consalvo, presents School In Movement.

This project is made to offer to the young students of the private schools, who don’t attend a professional education because of their age, the opportunity to live a working day with the Lost Movement Company.

After a first training phase, the participants attend the live presentation of an extract from the company repertoire interpreted by the dancers, and analyze with the authors. The next step is in the rehearsal room, where the participants experience an improvisation session, aimed at recreating the choreographic material just seen.

School In Movement is a project very different from normal workshops, since it offers the opportunity to concretely experience the working method of a professional company and the creative process, adding them to the formation background.