Presente Futuro 2022 Lost Movement

“Sehnsucht awarded the Audience Recognition at Presente Futuro Festival 2022

The Lost Movement Company performed yesterday, Saturday the 28th of May, at the Presente Futuro 2022 Festival, promoted by the Teatro Libero di Palermo.

“Sehnsucht”, co-produced by OPLAS/Centro Regionale Danza Umbria, with the support of Time To Move, Teatrino dei Fondi, Consorzio Coreografi Danza d’Autore Con.Cor.D.A and Residenze Artistiche Toscane, has been awarded the prestigious audience recognition “Premio Zero in Condotta – Cobas Scuola”.

The words of the jury, profound and punctual, underlined the founding values ​​of this work which, despite the difficulties that the entire performing art sector has been facing for so long, continues to evolve and move:

“Sehnsucht, desire to desire… the desire… the search to overcome the limit, which finds its completeness in breaking of the bonds of individualism, of social conventions, in the search for encounters, relationships, collectivity. For this reason, in a world dominated by wars, social inequality, racism, we consider the proposed project a message of hope and solidarity. Therefore, the Zero in Condotta Award goes to the performance Sehnsucht. “

On stage the dancers: Chiara Borghini, Maria Chiara Bono, Giovanni Careccia, Gioele Cosentino, Arianna Cunsolo, Davide Galuppi, Francesca Lastella and Enrico Luly.