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Giovanni Careccia

Giovanni Careccia, 1993, dancer and performer, graduated with full marks at “ArteMente” Professional Dance Training Center in Milan. During his formative years he came in contact with different languages such as: Batsheva Dance Company, NDT, Sidi Larbi Cherakoui, Tanztheater Wuppertal, AkramKhan Company, Sasha Waltz & Guests, ICK, Ultima Vez, MK.

In February 2018 he attended an internship at the Collettivo MoDem of “Scenario Pubblico” in Catania. In 2018 he danced for the choreographer Daniele Ninarello in the performance “ABCDE” also. Then he worked for Silvia Gribaudi in “# Oggièilmiogiorno” (2019) and for Sofia Nappi in “Adama” (2020). He was selected for a project by Andrea Costanzo Martini, not realized due to the pandemic situation.

He directed his interest in authorial dance, researching on his own body and other dancers, and participated in the project “C.I.M.D. – Incubatore per Futuri Coreografi”.

In 2019 he made his debut with the work “After” at the Teatro India in Rome, within the “Domincio Pubblico” Festival and was then selected for the “Dilemma”, “MarteLive”, “Corpo Mobile” and “CastelllinAria” Festivals. He presented a first study of his solo “Tra 2000 e 6000” in December 2018 at Teatro Fontana within the Festival “Più che Danza” and, in 2019, he was selected for the “FLIC Festival” and for the residency project for young authors “CosiDanzi”; in the same year he created the site-specific performance “The Thirteenth Opera” for the “Body to Body” exhibition at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. In 2020 he realized the performance “After All” with which he was selected for “Corpo Mobile” and was awarded as Best Choreographer. In 2021 he made a first study of the “Golden Ratio” performance with which he was selected for the “Buskers In Town” Festival.

He is Responsible for Promotion and Communication For “ArteMente” Professional Dance Training Center and has been one of the founders of Milano Dancing City, a project to promote dance and public training.

Since 2018 he has been a dancer of the Lost Movement Company.