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Giovanni Careccia

Giovanni Careccia, 1993, dancer, dance-maker and performer, graduated with full marks at “ArteMente” Professional Dance Training Center in Milan.

He danced for the choreographer Daniele Ninarello in the performance “ABCDE”, for Silvia Gribaudi in “#Oggièilmiogiorno” and for Sofia Nappi in “Adama”. He was selected for a choreographic project by Andrea Costanzo Martini, not realized due to the Covid-19.

In recent years his attention has shifted to the dance making and creation process, researching on his own body and with other dancers. He participated in the project supported by the MiC, C.I.M.D. – Incubator for future choreographers.

Since 2022 his work has been supported by Equilibrio Dinamico, a dance production organisation supported by the MiC.

As a young author he made his debut in 2018 with the work After at the Teatro Elfo Puccini with which he was selected for the Festival Dominio Pubblico [2019], Dilemma [2020], MArteLive [2020], Corpo Mobile [2020] and CastelliinAria [2020]. In December 2018 he presented the first study of the piece Tra 2000 e 6000 at the Fontana Theater within the Più che Danza Festival, with which he won the CosiDanzi 2019 residency call in Ostia and was selected for the FLIC Festival in Lanciano. In 2020 he created the performance After All with which he was selected for Corpo Mobile, winning the award for Best Choreographer [2021], Antibodies XL, Showcase of young author’s dance [2021], Strabismi Festival [2021], the Showcase Empty d ‘Aria [2021], Visions of Dance (ACS Abruzzo) [2022], Almost Solo (Circuito CLAPS) [2022], Per-forming [2022], Visions in Dance [2022], EXPLORARE2022 and Voices of the Soul [2022]. In 2021 he made a first study of the Golden Ratio performance with which he was included in the Buskers In Town festival [2021] and made a co-authored solo with the dramaturg Christian Consalvo Form (ex Plushophiles | metamorphosis) with which he was selected for the theWorkRoom Vapore residency project and included in the FLIC Festival [2021] in Lanciano, in the Polibris project [2021] in Bitonto and within the AnteFestival in Novellara.

He is Assistant Director and Promotion and Communication Responsible of the “ArteMente” Center and Creative Responsible of the Lost Movement Company. Since 2019 he has been one of the founders of Milano Dancing City, a dance promotion and audience education project.

Since 2018 he has been a stable dancer of the Lost Movement Company.