Davide Galuppi

Davide Galuppi, 2000, approached the study of dance at the Nino Delvecchio school in Biella following the courses in Caribbean dances (bachata and Puerto Rican salsa), Cuban salsa and merengue, kizomba, Latin hustle, boogie woogie and rock and roll (technical and acrobatic) at a competitive level.

In 2017 he began the training course promoted by M.A.S. Music, Art & Show, getting the final degree in October 2020.

Since october 2021 untile august 2023 he has been a student of ArteMente, Higher Education Center for Dance, being directly admitted to the second year of course, due to the considerable potential and his previous level.

During his formative years he gained various professional experiences, working with: The Dream Dance Company, directed by Arianna Quartesan, Massimo Perugini for Sinapsy and Five4Seasons; he performed with ArteMente in different contexts, staging Rain by Nicolò Abbattista, Bolero by Riccardo Olivier and Midnight Youth by Philippe Kratz; finally, he performed in the Nelken Line, an urban dance project promoted in 2021 by Milano Dancing City.

Since 2023 he has been a dancer for the Mandala Dance Company directed by Paola Sorressa.

Since 2022 he has been a stager for the Lost Movement Company for the production Sehnsucht.