Nicoletta Bellazzi

Nicoletta Bellazzi, born in 2000, began her dance studies at the age of nine, trying her hand at different styles.

From 2019 to 2022 she attended the three-year professional training course at the ArteMente, Higher Education Center for Dance, where she had the opportunity to study with international choreographers and dancers.

In her formative years she performed in different events, such as the videoclip of the song Chevrolet by Mara Bosisio, in the site-specific performance Choròs – il posto dove si danza by Alessio Maria Romano during Oriente Occidente Dance Festival and she was a stager at the Abbondanza/Bertoni Company in 2022.

After her studies, she began teaching contemporary and modern dance in various schools and worked as a performer in artistic exhibitions such as No more blue tomorrows by Davide Sgambaro.

Since 2023 she has been a dancer in the show Nedo of the Antonio Roma Teatro Civile Company.

Since 2024 she has been a dancer a dancer in the Lost Movement Company.