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Michele Scappa

Michele Scappa, 1998, born in Rieti and Florence-based, is a young freelance dancer, who is approaching to the world of physical theatre and improvisation. He trained, with a scholarship, at DAF Dance Arts Faculty (Rome) and at Opus Ballet (Florence), studying with famous international artists, such as: Johan Inger, Iván Pérez, Emanuel Gat, Shirley Esseboom, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano. Successively he moved to Leeds (UK), attending a Master in Contemporary Dance Performance, with Distinction, at NSCD, and back to Italy, where he attended the NOD program (Turin) and “Incubatore per giovani coreografi” at CIMD (Milan).

As a freelance dancer, he worked for: CCNR Yuval Pick, VERVE, Komoco Sofia Nappi, Kinkaleri.

He actually dances for: Gruppo Nanou, Luna Cenere, Company Blu Danza.

He begins to deepen his search for an authorial language and creates “MA”, produced by Company Blu, in collaboration with the cellist Antonio Cortesi, and has been invited to the Festival Dominio Pubblico 2020.

He is also currently studying Psychology at the University of Florence, as well as developing the research of ‘Studies on the Fragility of Matter’ with Sara Capanna and Barbara Carulli.

Since 2021 he has been a stable dancer of the Lost Movement Company.