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Francesca Lastella

Francesca Lastella, 1991, was born in Milan and trained at the Balletto Teatro di Torino, directed by Matteo Levaggi, and at Art Factory International in Bologna, under the direction of Mattia Gandini and Brigel Gjoka. She received a scholarship to attend the Duncan Center Conservatory of Dance (CZ) for one year, where she had the opportunity to refine her training with international artists (from Forsythe Dance Company, Sasha Waltz & Guest, Lenka Vagnerová Company etc.).

From 2013 she danced in numerous projects such as “Legame” by Lara Russo, “Babel” by Anna Albertarelli, “We will not be moved” by Alexis Blake and Stefan Dreher’s “Dancing Marathon”.

Then she worked for Artemis Danza (IT) by Monica Casadei, in the productions “Traviata”, “Doppio Notte” and “Tosca”.

In 2014 and 2015, within the Biennale college in Venice, she worked with Iris Erez and Francesca Pennini.

As a performer, she took part in several site-specific productions, including “Temporary Orders” by Dana Yahalomi (IL), in 2019.

She has worked with Virginia Spallarossa’s Deja Donne, with Alessandra Costa’s Balafori Company and Alessia della Casa’s Veicolo Danza.

She currently collaborates with Sanpapiè by Lara Guidetti and with Luna Cenere.

Since 2020 she has been a stable dancer of the Lost Movement Company.