Chiara Borghini

Chiara Borghini, after the scientific high school diploma, graduated with honors in Humanities and Communication at the University of Florence, parallel to dance training.

She attended a journalistic writing course, through which she was selected for an internship at the editorial staff of the newspaper Il Piccolo in Alessandria.

In 2020 he graduated with honors in Cinema and Performing Arts at the University of Turin, with a master’s thesis on the panorama of contemporary dance in Italy and abroad.

At the same time, she trained and worked as a dancer and performer. Stable dancer for the Lost Movement Company, since 2018 she has been responsible for the promotion and distribution of the Company. Since the same year, she has been Assistant Director and Organization and external relations responsible for ArteMente, Higher Education Center for Dance in Milan.

Since 2019 she has been one of the founders of Milano Dancing City, a dance promotion and audience education project recognized by the Ministry of Culture.

Freelance and creative artist, she collaborates with independent projects and, in 2021, she is the co-founder of Radic’Arte – Azioni Danzate per la Comunità, today a piedmontese social promotion association engaged in the promotion of dance and in the enhancement of the territories in which it fits.